Dipper Note 04.05.18

Checked Bridge 3 yesterday afternoon. Mr. Blue was in the vicinity and I watched him go up to the nest with food. He may have been feeding the female. I heard a muffled call as he flew up. He did no singing in the 15 minutes I was there. It was raining.

At Bridge 1 no sign of any dippers. I checked below the bridge and  there is a completed moss dome in the nest box but no dipper. After walking up to above the fairy pools I checked again and nothing.

I walked up to the fairy pool area and saw no dippers along the creek until I got up there. One dipper with a pine needle flew up the creek where I lost track of it. I assume one of the pair Peter and Linda mentioned nest building in a root ball. Must be in final stage of construction. It was raining and slippery so turned around. There was a Pacific Wren nest building in a root wad on the bank of the creek. That was good to see.


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