Dipper Note 03.20.18

There are nests at Bridge 1 and Bridge 3.  Whether the females have finished egg-laying and have begun incubating is unconfirmed though i suspect Bridge 3 female has started incubating.

Barbara reports:

Yesterday morning (3/20/18) I checked out two sites where dippers have been seen but not found nesting as yet. Walked from Hersey to the park  and saw an unbanded bird foraging in rapids about across from Louie’s on Guanajuato Way. It was working its way upstream but when I went farther and came back I couldn’t find it again. There was a lot of whitewash along the way but no action near the nest boxes.
Then walked from the bridge to Park HQ up to Bridge 3 but neither saw nor heard anything.

As a note: last year there were no nesting pairs on the lower reaches of our project as in previous seasons.

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