Dipper Note 03.09.18

On mid-morning visit to Bridge 3 saw Mr. Blue below nest  foraging . The female appeared from up stream and then the pair flew downstream . I looked under the bridge and saw a completed dome nest in the box that is river left as you look downstream. It is the newer cedar box not the original plywood box. The entrance hole is to the side not center, similar to last season.

At Bridge 1 there was a couple of police vehicles and a parks truck in the lot near the trail down. I walked past and saw no dippers but did not walk down to the bridge but continued up to the fairy pool areas. I saw no dippers. Upon return the human commotion had dissipated and the coast was clear so to speak. I checked the nest box and found that a near complete moss dome (75%) filled it. As I was leaving I saw the Hersey girl with the orange bands just up stream from the nest but below the dam.

As a side note I saw a Anna’s Hummingbird female on a nest that was built on a big leaf maple branch suspended over the creek.


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