Dipper Note 01.30.18

Donna writes:

1/30/18 3:45-4:20
Late this afternoon I saw 4, perhaps 5, dippers. At Bridge 1 the Hersey girl was foraging alone, about 50′ upstream, and an unbanded dipper foraged about the same distance downstream from Bridge 1. Right at Bridge 2, Mr. Blue and an unbanded companion flew from rock to rock together, foraging and singing for a good 20 min., then moseyed on upstream, still together. I went on down to Bridge 3 but saw no action. When I got back to Bridge 1, the Hersey girl and an unbanded companion were singing and foraging together on the same large rock. All of a sudden another unbanded dipper flew upstream towards them, landing on an adjacent rock. The Hersey girl quickly flew to a third rock; she kind of bent forward, then spread her wings wide and fluttered very rapidly while making sounds I’ve not heard before. Then the two unbanded birds flew upstream out of sight, and the Hersey girl started foraging alone for a few minutes. Then she also flew upstream.

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