Dipper Note 01.29.18

Headed up to Bridge 3 area late this morning and found ‘Mr. Blue’ singing just above the bridge with another unbanded bird close by. I watched them move about close together. The other bird may have been a female.  Mr. Blue went up into the nest box once.

I then walked up along the creek toward Bridge 1 when just above Bridge 2  I heard more singing and saw the unbanded male and the ‘ Hersey Girl’  foraging together.  I walked up further beyond the reservoir and saw no other dippers. I walked back down.

Upon returning to Bridge 3  I  heard some singing downstream and then saw 2 unbanded dippers moving up to the bridge. They were acting like a pair and they both visited the nest boxes below the bridge and even landed on the bridge before slowly foraging their way upstream. No sign of Mr. Blue or his companion from earlier assuming that neither of the 2 new dippers was the one from earlier.

So at least 5 dippers possibly six dippers were in the upper part of the creek today. Maybe we will see 3 pairs nesting this spring.



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