Dipper Note 01.24.18

While in town detoured over to Bridge 3 area and walked the creek down to Bridge 5. No dipper action. Returned to parking lot and got violet and walked up to and above reservoir. Just below Bridge 1 two dippers one in the water and the other on a rock. One was the banded Hersey16 female and the other was the ‘white-fringed’ male. I watched for about 30 minutes and  they fed together and moved up under the bridge where the male stopped and sang, the female close by. They were occasionally on the same rocks together. They were acting like a pair. Perhaps this is the male from last year who partnered with the Hersey girl. Would make sense. So what was she doing with the blue boy from Bridge 3 as he seemed to be trying to woo her last time i saw them together. Weighing her options?

I saw no other dippers and the rain picked up and i left.



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