Dipper Note 05.28.16

from Hersey St. Donna writes:

5/28/16 … Finally!
4:45 – 5:40
South side of bridge
**5:05 I saw the female  fly upstream and perch on a rock on the east side of opening. Three-four times she did a little ‘dipping’ on the rock, followed by brief foraging dives upstream, then back to the rock. She then flew under the bridge towards the north opening. I never did see her go to the nest box. Total observation … maybe 1 minute
**A few minutes later another dipper(the male) flew upstream to the same rock.  I watched this dipper until 5:45. It looked a bit smaller than the female…. Most of the time it stood on its left leg and preened, never moving from that one spot on the rock. It would occasionally stop preening, stand on both legs, and stare towards the water for a few moments. It also blinked a lot! At around 5:40 it moved a short distance down the side of the rock, then dove into the water. Last I saw it, it was standing on a different rock, partially in shallow water. Total observation … about 35 minutes

Thanks to Donna!




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