Dipper Notes 05.05.16

Bob Q. writes:

May 5
Found one fledgling that was foraging on its own downstream of Bridge 3. Both adult birds spent time around the bridge, taking turns going up to the nest. They sat around and preened, didn’t see them feed the young bird. A little later a fledgling, possibly the second one, was sitting on a rock just above bridge 5.

At the Hersey St. bridge, at least 2 fledglings were being fed, one on each side of the bridge abutment. One adult foraged upstream and the other downstream of the bridge.

Dorsey sent a similar report later in the day.

Barbara also visited the nest sites and here is her report:

5/5 – Arrived at Hersey St. at 5PM and there was a fledgling on a rock at the north end of the culvert. It stood there ‘dipping’, preening and looking downstream until the adult female arrived with food. Quick feeding and then she flew up to the nest and the youngster returned to its previous behavior. No further developments while I watched. Lots of whitewash on the rock where the fledgling was standing and on adjacent ones; clearly they have been used a lot.
Drove to 3rd bridge and saw two birds fly fast upstream and land on rocks. They were the banded pair. The female foraged underwater, the male stood and sang. Then he flew downstream to just below the bridge where there was a fledgling It flew up onto rocks with low bushes on the east shore. The male then flew back up above the bridge and sang; the fledgling soon did so as well. Lots of puzzling behavior this season. Perhaps this pair has finished its 2nd nest and it is the interlude before another laying.



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