Dipper Note 05.01.16

0730 hrs Bridge 3:  Upon arriving saw the female above the bridge preening on a rock. No sign of the male or any fledglings. Walked up as far as one can to view the creek above the bridge . No dippers seen. Then walked up to Bridge 2 and on my way back heard an American Dipper singing and calling . This was in the creek behind the private property.

Within moments of returning to Bridge 3 I watched the male fly in from upstream. He sang and preened on a rock below the nest area for 5 minutes. He launched upstream calling loudly and singing a short snippet. The female was flying in from upstream and he greeted her on a rock just above the bridge. He then flew below the nest area and called. The female also flew in. The male launched up to the nest ledge and the the female followed. No nest material was carried but there appeared to be a copulation at the box. Both birds flew down and gathered moss. Both flew up and the female stayed while the male did another moss carry before returning to a rock just below the nest.  The new moss dome nest appeared to be about 1/3 completed.

It is likely the fledglings are tucked up in the creek behind the private property. It is an area that has excellent cover. From all accounts (4 separate reports) there appears to only have been 2 fledglings.

0815 hrs Hersey St.: I walked the creek from Main St. and looked under Main St. bridge from Bluebird Park; no dippers. I proceeded to Hersey seeing nothing along the way until about 40 meters above the Hersey St. nest where I saw the female. She called and flew up to the nest box and then flew downstream.

Looking up into the culvert toward the nest box from downstream I could make out the 3 fledglings moving around . None have yet fledged. The female returned from downstream and fed again. No sign of the male. He has not been seen in two weeks.






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