Dipper Note 05.01.16 Part 2

04.30.16 Nala writes:

Took my Dad to Lithia Park bridge 3 yesterday around Noon and saw the male dipper sitting in the large rock under the bridge the whole time, while the female busily brought moss from downstream to the bridge several times in a row. Each time she headed same direction towards the plaza, and once I thought she was gathering/eating food items underwater. All other times she was clearly gathering moss from the rocks and bringing to what I presume is a second nest?

Dorsey also was at Bridge 3 on 04.30. 16 and reports similar happenings. At Hersey St. he reports the female feeding at the nest box.

Barbara also from 04.30.16:

April 30 – Hersey St. 10AM. Banded female came upstream with food but didn’t appear to go to the nest. Landed on a rock on the north side of the culvert, and hopped up onto the ledge doing a high thin twittering call all the time. Then flew downstream. The 2nd time she arrived I put my binocs on the nest (very dark under the culvert) to see if she went to it but saw no action. Then heard her fly by making the same vocalization.
At Bridge 3 both adults were engaged in nest building, carrying wet leaves up under the bridge. But to a different location from their 1st nest, like about mid-stream where the first-built box is and where Mr. Green used to nest.

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