Dipper Note 04.17.16

this note from Barbara:

April 11 -…. The pair at bridge 3 were busily feeding chicks and their method of getting to and from the nest was totally different than any I’ve seen before. There was no guano on any of the nearby rocks – they were landing IN the water on the west side of a partially submerged rock adjacent to the large boulder that has been used by past nesters. Several times they plunged in and swam around there before hopping out on the rock to fly up or down stream. Both parents seemed to be equally involved in feeding.
Saw nothing around Hersey St bridge.

April 15 Same feeding pattern as on the 11th. One new feature was the male flying downstream to a boulder with a forked branch lodged on it and singing for 3 minutes before flying downstream to forage.
On the downstream side of Hersey St I saw a dipper fly fast and seemingly thru the culvert. Could not see legs and that was the only encounter with this pair.

April 17 – Arrived at bridge 3 with Nala in mid-morning and it was a repetition of the last visit, including the male doing a singing bout.

recent data sheets from Peter and Linda :

CCI04172016_0001 data 4-16-2016

CCI04172016 data 4-16-2016



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