Dipper Note 02.23.16

Visited the upper park this morning and found a pair of dippers at Bridge 3 doing some nest building. From appearances one of the birds is the bird from last season who had the strange dilute plumage on its head and throat areas. I had been up at the park on Sunday, 02.21.16 and saw this bird up near Bridge 2 singing and foraging. There was a report of some nest building activity near Bridge 4 on Sunday so I went to investigate. On Sunday I checked under a number of the bridges and saw no evidence of nest building. Today I returned and saw some beginnings of the moss dome in one of the boxes under Bridge 3. This time they are using the cedar box that is on the Granite St. side of the bridge (streamside left). At first I saw one bird above the bridge foraging , soon it flew upstream and all was quiet. I walked up to the Granite St. Reservoir and beyond to look for more dippers. On my way up the aforementioned dipper was just below Bridge 2 and it flew back downstream. After finding no dippers above I returned to Bridge 3 where both birds were collecting moss and flying up to the nest box. After a few visits they flew down toward Bridge 4 where I watched them for a short while foraging just above that bridge.

I checked some of the lower park along with Bluebird Park and Water St. but saw no other dippers.

chloe 4chloe 5



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