Dipper Note 4.23.15

This morning, Thursday, my friend K. and I observed for 30 minutes at Bridge 3. A single young fledgling was standing on a rock about 25 meters upstream, dipping and preening. After 10 minutes the dark adult flew from upstream, calling as it passed the fledgling and landed on the rock below the nest. It had no food in its beak. The young bird fluttered its wings and begged until the adult flew past it and stopped upstream. The young bird made a short flight to a rock farther upstream then to a log then to another rock closer to the adult. The dark adult foraged and fed the young bird at least twice and made a few stops at the rock with no food to offer. We then observed the lighter adult come from downstream and met the dark adult below the bridge. they flew up and into the nest box on the right then one bird went upstream and the other downstream. We did not see the other fledglings in the vicinity of the bridge.


At 2:00 the female was feeding at main street bridge. One fledgling getting fed by bridge 3 and another upstream of the private property. Saw adult foraging below reservoir .


female feeding under Main St.

female feeding under Main St. by Peter Kreisman

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