Dipper Note 04.22.15 part 2

I visited Bridge 3 with my friend C. and we promptly spotted one young fledgling by itself on a rock midstream above the bridge.  It sat there quietly, and displayed its dipping skills, fresh out of the nest.  But no adult was present, and it wasn’t until 5 minutes had passed that the dark adult showed up from upstream and the insistent begging began.  The adult responded by quickly foraging nearby and coming up with some pretty big prey, including a minnow that it took a minute to quell by beating it on a rock.  This meal finally quieted the loud chick.  Then an amazing (at least to me) thing happened:  the adult stood in front of the chick on the rock and sang and sang.  The chick seemed mesmerized and its begging quieted while the adult went on with its beautiful song for a couple minutes.  Then the adult flew to the nest at the bridge for a couple minutes before flying off upstream. We checked upstream but couldn’t find the other adult/chicks. We went to the Main St. nest as well and saw 2 feeding visits to the nest by the same adult. DB

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