Dipper Note 04.22.15

Peter and Linda visited this morning from 8-8:30 and saw 7-8 feedings at the nest

Bridge 3 fledgling

Bridge 3 fledgling

There were 2 fledglings present and one got fed twice and the other got skipped by both adults.

I arrived about 8:40 apparently just missing Peter and Linda. I found 3 fledglings above the bridge. I saw both adults.

I watched the light adult feed the fledgling that was furthest upstream. The other two were tended by the dark adult .

The darker bird did collect food and fly to the nest a couple of times but each time came back down with the food . It appeared a bit puzzled. I heard no begging sounds from the nest and had already seen the 3 fledglings.
I believe the 3rd fledging occurred just after Peter and Linda left and right before I arrived. So likely 8:35 +/- 5.

I stayed in the area for a couple of hours and saw the birds getting fed with the light bird feeding upstream further and the dark bird feeding the 2 birds just above the bridge. I watched the darker bird enter the nest a few times and it seemed to be doing some housecleaning.
Perhaps they may try a second brood there….

I also went up to the reservoir/Bridge 1 area and saw what I took to be the dark bird from Bridge 3 foraging near Bridge 1 before heading up to the dam then flying further upstream over the reservoir. It returned in a couple of minutes and whizzed like a bullet train underneath Bridge 1 heading back to Bridge 3. I saw no dippers on my way back until I returned to Bridge 3 area.

Peter and Linda returned and watched after I was gone. They saw the dark bird feed each fledgling and fly up to a quiet nest.

3 Fledglings from Bridge 3 nest are on the water. May they live long and prosper!


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