Dipper Note 03.18.15

I checked the dippers at Bridge 3 late this afternoon. I believe they are now incubating eggs. When I arrived I heard a rattle call and walked to the bridge and saw the smaller,darker bird  (presumed female) on a rock right below the bridge and the nest box. She flew upstream a short way and proceeded to feed. I walked down to creek level and found a spot to with a view of the box  an adult bird was present. After a few moments it flushed to just below the nest, it was the lighter, bigger bird of the pair (presumed male) … it then proceeded to preen then feed  briefly before flying back up to the nest. The female bird continued to feed just upstream. My impression was that I arrived just as the male was giving the female a break from sitting. I think we might expect birds to hatch in the next 10-12 days as I believe egg-laying ended last Friday.  fdl

AMDI_Bridge 3 1_01AMDI_Bridge 3_01

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