Dipper Note 03.02.15

 this happened yesterday (March 2) between 4:40 and 4:45 pm, at bridge 3.
Mary Janet writes:
“When I arrived the male was sitting calmly on one of the mid-stream rocks under the bridge, preening. Soon the female  came bursting out from the nest box and flew downstream, vigorously foraging and eating for a few minutes. Then she returned to the box carrying a big mouthful of moss. She landed on the rock in front of the male and they called loudly to each other and bounced up and down facing each other. Then she disappeared into the box. In maybe 30 seconds she came out again, flew downstream a bit,  and gathered up a mouthful of tiny twigs or pine needles, and flew back to the box, repeating the interaction with the male on the way. Then, again she flew out and began poking around among some old alder catkins on top of a midstream rock, and gathering some up. As I was leaving she was heading for the box again. Pretty cool!”
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