Our Ashland Park & Rec birding field trip happened to arrive at the Lithia Park Dipper nest site at exactly the right time this morning.  Both of the mated Dippers were present, and hunting.  Not for food but for nesting material.  We watched one check out a leaf, dampen it and then lose it into the current.  Not sure if that was a reject or an accident.  We also witnessed plenty of stick carrying to the nest beneath the bridge.DPR WHIRL (1280x960)DPR-CARRY (1280x960)DPR-CARRY2 (1280x960)dpr-cvarry3 (1280x960)DPR-FOOD1 (1280x960)DPR-NST1 (1280x960)DPR-NST2 (1280x960)DPR-NST3 (1280x960)DPR-NST4 (1280x960)DPR-NST5 (1280x960)DPR-NST6 (1280x960)DPR-NST7 (1280x960)DPR-NST8DPR-NST9 (1280x960)DPR-NST10 (1280x960)Below the nictitating membrane flashes white in front of the Dipper’s eye. nictitatingFollowing the Dipper along crashing, foaming Ashland Creek I can only admire perseverance in the face of peril, temerity trumping timidity, adaptation out-stripping adversity, survival in contradiction to human understanding.dpr1 (1280x960)dpr2 (1280x960)DPR4 (1280x960)DPR5 (1280x960)DPR6 (1280x960)DPR7 (1280x960)DPR8 (1280x960)DPR9 (1280x960)


Our Moutnain Bird Festival here in Ashland has walks designed to get birders a look at Dippers.  You can click here for information on signing…

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