Dipper Note 06.28.14

At least one fledgling. It’s standing on the cement at the base of the dam. The adult goes up just below the nest sometimes so maybe there’s one or more up there where we can’t see

we were at the nest site from about 8:30 until 9:00, and saw 1 fledgling on the spillway at the base of the dam (I did get some video). It crossed the water flow at one point and struggled not to be swept away. After that, it stayed in place while the adult made several trips to feed it.The adult also spent time at 2 spots up by the nest, so there may be 1 or more nestlings left. The fledgling just waited to be fed, and made no effort to forage for itself. PK

first dipper fledgling, 6-28-2014, reservoir dam

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