Dipper Notes 05.19.14

At about 7:45 this morning (5-19-2014) L. and I observed the male dipper apparently nest building under the Bluebird Park bridge. It gathered moss and other vegetation from the creek nearby and took it to the nest, making 3 trips in about 15 minutes.
We then drove to the reservoir dam and observed one dipper. It sat on the dam for a few minutes, then flew upstream across the reservoir, and returned after a few minutes. It then flew out of sight down stream and again returned after a few minutes. It seemed to want to spend most of it’s time sitting on top of the dam. No sign of any other dippers, after a period of about 30 minutes.

Hi all, I had a little time this evening to check on the dippers at the reservoir dam.
I arrived at 6:50 p.m. observed for 20 minutes.
The first 10 minutes I saw no dippers. Then one dipper with no bands dark bill, flew in from down stream. foraged just a bit. flew up to to the top of the water fall. Preened, bathed behind the little rock with two twigs on the left side. preened some more and then went and sat the rest of the time on top left corner and the concrete structure above the vegetation.
I saw no other dippers. The bird was still sitting there when I left. G.O.

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