Dipper Note 05.15.14

Hi All, This evening I stopped at the reservoir and saw two dippers nest building. I observed for about 20 minutes from 7:25 p.m. to 7:45 p.m .
One sat on the center concrete structure with two green posts, and preened for a long while. The other one made a couple of trips taking nesting material and disappeared into what a I am assuming is a nest. It flew back below the waterfall and took a very long grass in his bill worked for long time to bend it and fold it and finally let it go and flew away. the one preening also flew away. After a while just as I was ready to leave, they both returned. One went back to the same concrete structure and preened. The other one flew to the top of the structure and below the wheels and worked very fast and gathered smaller items and took them to the nest. G.O.

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