Dipper Notes 05.09.14

L. and I were at Bluebird Park this morning for 15 minutes and saw no dipper activity.
We started looking at the creek by the band shell at about 9:00 and saw the dark fledgling at 9:15 just above the tennis courts. The adult flew by from downstream to up but did not stop. L. went upstream to look for the second fledgling but did not fine it. I watched the first fledgling, which at first remained in one spot on a log in the creek for about 10 minutes. It then started hopping from rock to rock pecking for food, and occasionally entered the water but avoided rapid water. I watched it for about 45 minutes during which it moved about 200 feet downstream before we lost it about 10:00 as it flew downstream. The adult did not reappear. PKdipper fledgling, 5-9-2014, Ashland Creekphoto by Peter Kreisman

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