Dipper Notes 05.05.14

LK notes:

I’m looking at one fledgling standing on a rock in the middle of the stream across from Pioneer hall. The father  just flew by so maybe the other fledgling is farther upstream. 07:38am

The fledgling just started flying upstream in 20 _ 30 feet spurts. It flew across the wading area in one flight. The adult is sticking with it so it may be the only one. We’re leaving at 8:35  they’re moving upstream.  08:35am

It’s at the playground now.08:36

BQ notes:

May 5, Monday at 2:30 pm.

The Male was feeding a single Fledgling directly downstream of the Winburn bridge at 2:30 pm. 5 times within 5 minutes he would carry something to the Fledgling. Then they flew about 75′ downstream of the bridge to a rock in the middle of the stream. Then the Male took a food item to the Fledgling and put it in its mouth and took it out, then it flew to the edge of the creek. It flew back to the Fledgling and repeated this behavior about 5 times with the same food item. Was it trying to get the young to learn to feed on its own?
The Male was singing beautifully often. With the creekside foliage its easier to hear them before seeing them.

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