Dipper Notes 04.27.14

Bluebird Park:

This afternoon starting at around 1400 hrs for almost an hour I watched the dippers and was joined by B. for a portion of the time. The female did all of the feeding for the first 45 minutes I was observing . There was no sight of the male. On one occasion the female appeared to take some sort of plant material up into the nest. The rest of the visits were feedings. The young in the nest could be clearly heard and it sounds as if there is more than one. ( On last weekend’s visit to the nest I was only able to see one chick.)
The male did return finally and began to feed regularly along with the female until I left.

B. went up into the park to check on HF’s report of a dipper in the Pioneer St. bridge area. HF reported the bird flew upstream with food. B. did locate a bird near Bridge 5 and watched it collect some moss and fly upstream but could not relocate it. She found no dippers up near the swimming reservoir.

There is now a distinct possibility there is another pair on the creek . I plan on doing a search tomorrow morning and will report back.


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