Dipper Notes 04.13.14

Met at Bluebird Park at 8:30 am. The pair at Bluebird are brooding young in the culvert nest. They still may be incubating eggs but from the behavior observed: feeding and fecal sac removal,  they appear to have some new young.

We proceeded to the upper part of the park and found the lonely male at Bridge 3 singing. The nest has not been worked on further and in fact appeared to be drying and shrinking a bit. We are curious to how long the
male will stand vigil in the area before he vacates.

No dippers were seen below Bridge 3 until Main St. Bridge where we observed the pair feeding. And the birds bringing food to the nest.
Anyone who has time this week to visit Bluebird Park and observe for a short period is most welcome. Please report your observations, if any.

One other note about how low the creek is : I was able to cross the creek by hopping on exposed rocks just below Bridge 2, something unthinkable the last couple of seasons.

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