Dipper Notes 04.03.14

We met at Bluebird Park at 8:30 am: Two dippers were seen under the bridge with one going up into the drain pipe that has been used as a nest site in previous years. The other bird (probable male) stood sentry below with some preening and some singing. The bird flew just upstream of the bridge entrance and foraged. We drove up above the reservoir and walked down the creek , checking the nest boxes below the bridges. The city was cleaning the large concrete storage cistern below the dam. Quite the operation, complete with deep sea diver. No dippers were observed in the area. Upon arriving at Bridge 3 we saw the male on some rocks below the nest site. He engaged in singing bouts but no female was in evidence. The nest looks the same as it has for the last couple of weeks (about 2/3 complete). We fear the female may have been predated. We continued down the creek and encountered no dippers until just upstream from the Main St. Bridge. We saw a bird on a rock and then another bird appeared from beneath the bridge and a chase ensued. Some definite territorial behavior between likely male rivals with one bird (Main St. male)about jumping on the other(interloper). some high speed flight chasing back through the bridge. Shortly a bird appeared back on the upstream side and then another bird, the Main St. pair, as evidenced by some bonding behavior. One bird did a slight wing spread and both birds sang together. When we returned to Bluebird we again witnessed some high speed chasing between the rival males. Once back up through the bridge and then back down. We weren’t quite certain where the rival male came from but possibly from upstream. This might be the bird B.Q. saw further up in the park on Sunday. We will be meeting again next Sunday April 13 to walk the creek. I’ll send out a reminder on Friday afternoon. fdl

below nest site

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