Dipper Notes 03.06.14

Did the walk solo this morning. Started in steady rain. No dippers seen at Bluebird or in the section of the creek down to Hersey.

Walked up through the park and encountered a dipper across from the duck pond, just above the tennis courts. Bird was singing and foraging.

Further up, just below Pioneer St. Bridge, another dipper in the creek. As I was watching a bird flew up from downstream to join the other bird. This seemed likely to be the first bird I encountered as I walked back down and could not find the first bird.

Continuing up the creek I found a bird singing under Bridge#3. I could not rule out that this wasn’t one of the two birds by Pioneer St. Bridge.

I found no dippers at the swimming reservoir or in the area above where I had seen a pair two weeks ago.

I walked back down the creek and only saw one bird a bit below Bridge #3.


I was at Bluebird from 8:25 to 8:40,  A pair of  birds appeared from upstream and foraged a bit at the south end of the culvert. Then one flew down to the the rocks across from the nest hole and sang. Went up to the nest hole once. It was raining pretty hard … so went on up and checked 3rd bridge and the res and saw nothing.  bm

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