2013/14 Dipper Watch Season Now

Monthly walks are happening and dippers are returning to Ashland Cr. along with higher water volumes and lower stream temperatures.

Bob, Dorsey, Gwyneth, Frank, Barbara
Met at 8:30 at Bluebird. 1st year bird foraging, pale bill, white edges on flight feathers. Might be the same bird Harry Fuller saw and photographed here on August 21.
Up at the res another 1st year bird, similar. This one was foraging along the spillway at the top, then along shore, then flew across to as rock on the east side. Acted like it was familiar with the area.

Walked down. Saw dipper sign intermittently on the way but saw no more dippers.

Bob, Dorsey, Frank, Barbara
Bluebird Park two unbanded 1st year dippers were foraging and going up and down to the underside of the metal bridge to Thai Pepper. One had white-banded primaries and a light lower mandible. Up at the res one unbanded bird foraging (swimming) at upper end. Nothing in between, but occasional fresh droppings.

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