Watch Notes 05.24.13

Eric, Bob, Kathy, Gwyneth, Barbara gathered at Bluebird Parkand shortly SRWW flew in and stood on a rock under the culvert. No food in bill. He stayed awhile then flew back upstream. We left after 1/2 hr of watching. Need to do a daily check to get the hatching date. Tomorrow Eric, Sunday Bob, Monday Barbara, Tuesday Kathy. It should be during this period.

At 1st bridge no dippers no dipper sign.

At 3rd bridge and unbanded adult was standing on a rock in the creek just south of the bridge. We looked for ID marks but found none. It could be the male from the nest there.The primaries were a rich brown, the rest of the feathering was gray. Molt does not take place until late summer according to the literature, and is total and incapacitating for days to weeks, so it should not have taken place yet Eric will check his photos of the 3rd bridge male taken earlier and see if there is a match.

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