Watch Notes 05.17.13

5/16 Barbara
Checked Main St. nest briefly in the AM, the banded male was on duty standing on a rock under the culvert, looking up at the nest. So we need to watch frequently for hatching.
5/17 Bob, Kathy, Dorsey, Barbara
Met at 8:30 at Bluebird Park. Both birds on rocks below nest hole. Flew donsteeam and returned 5 min later and she went up into to the nest and he began a vigil below. Looks like all is well even tho there is a steel walkway at the south end of the culvert and two men were proceeding to spray paint that side. After the first set of chicks fledged the male came back to do vigil below the nest by 5/10 and it is likely the female was incubating already. Today it is one week later so the chicks will probably hatch between 5/28 and 6/1.
No sign of the Rough-winged Swallows that were investigating nest holes two weeks ago.
Drove up to the last parking site on the creek and walked up to the last accessible pool, then started down and walked all the way back to Bluebird. No dipper sign from very top to below 1st bridge. More scattered on rocks from there downstream to bridge 5. Then no sign until below the playground. But between bridges 3 & 4 heard a dipper rattle then saw it fly upstream very fast. Dorsey followed and it landed below bridge 3 and altho he wasn’t looking at the legs his general impression was that there was no color to catch the eye. We thought it might be the unbanded male from the bridge 3 nest. Saw another flying upstream between bridges 9 & 10.

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