Watch Notes 05.13.13

Late this afternoon I journeyed down to dipperville. First stop Bridge 3, I pulled on the waders and went under the bridge for a look. The nest that was used this season for the first brood looked the same and the nest from last year looked untouched. The new box remains empty and I saw or heard no dippers. But there was someone roosting under the bridge as you can see from the photo below: Western Screech Owl.
The presence of the owl may deter the dippers from renesting under this bridge. I checked Bridge 4 nest box but it was empty. We should check some of the other bridges especially Bridge 2.

I continued up to Bridge 1 and the reservoir but saw no dippers.

At Main St I saw no dippers. I went underneath and looked at the nest but could not tell if there were any eggs yet.   There were no dippers around. I saw that  the upstream facade of the bridge is being worked on and so it will be interesting to see if the Main St. birds continue here or elsewhere. I did check the Water St. partial nest and it has not and was not being worked on.

Bridge 3

under Bridge 3

Main St. Nest

Main St. Nest


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