Watch Notes 05.12.13

5/12 Barbara
At 3PM at Bluebird Park there was no sign of a dipper. Watched 15 min, then left for 3rd bridge.
3:10 from 3rd bridge I could see an adult on a rock upstream. Went up to the 2nd picnic table and right below was a banded fledgling with an unbanded adult. Very close to where Eric and I saw the same combination on Friday. No other fledglings in sight. Watched for ½ hr and saw two feedings but mostly they were just hanging out together.The fledgling roamed once to the streamside where the water was quite and foraged a bit. Then back onto the rock with the adult but not really begging. Finally the adult, who had been preening and singing a bit, took off upstream and I left.
3:45 1st bridge. No activity for 10 min..

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