Watch Notes 05.10.13

8:30 Eric, Barbara

Met at Bluebird Park and the male SRWW flew down thru the culvert a few min later and stood on one of his preferred rocks deep underneath in the dark where you can only see the flash of his white bands. He stood and sang. We left at 8:40 having established that he and the fledglings are no longer together and his mate is apparently re-nesting.

9:10 No one in evidence at 3rd bridge. We walked down to Pioneer St. on each side of creek, and Eric heard a dipper and saw it briefly just about the bridge there. Walked back up and found SRWW foraging above bridge 6, a long way from Main St. but right where he was with fledglings on 5/3.

9:20 Back at 3rd bridge we spotted the unbanded male a short way upstream in the rapids. He was foraging for a fledgling that was on the rocks. The fledgling was banded so we know it was one from the 3rd bridge, as they are the only ones banded. We went upstream as far as we could and watched multiple feedings but saw no other fledglings. This could be the one that hatched a day after the first two. No access along the creek any farther upstream unfortunately. Didn’t see the female at all. She may be on eggs again.

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