Watch Notes 05.07.13

Arr. At 7AM and there were two fledglings standing and dipping on separate rocks. The male parent was on his usual rock and flew up to the nest several times without food. So did the female. Clearly, there is still a chick (or more) in the nest. I saw only one fledgling feeding. But after about 45 min. the male flew a little upstream and gathered moss for a rock, then flew to the nest. Didn’t see which one so went down the bank on the east side to watch. However, I lost my footing and went into the creek instead, so had to quit, go home and change, … Barbara

Barbara called this morning to say she saw 2 fledglings. Laurel and I went by about 1030 to see them. They were on the big rock under the bridge. The male flew in without food, stayed a couple minutes, flew off, came back shortly with food and fed one of the chicks. No sign of the female. We were there about 10 minutes. Eric

Bridge 3 fledglings

Bridge 3 fledglings

Bridge 3

Bridge 3


I stopped by late this afternoon around 4:30 pm and there were no birds in the bridge area. I ducked down below the bridge and checked the nest and it was empty . So all chicks have fledged. I thought I heard a dipper call from above the nest area but did not see it. I walked down to Bridge 6 and saw no birds. And there were no birds at the bridge when i returned. The newest box Eric mounted this year remains clean and empty. I checked. Frank


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