Watch Notes 05.06.13

5/6 Barbara:
I watched the 3rd bridge nest for an hour this AM and both adults were feeding rapidly.4PM. Checked after seeing a movie around 4PM and RSRG fed chicks just as I arrived.

Bob : At 12:30 on Monday, May 6th I saw the banded female from Bridge 3 foraging below Bridge 4. She flew upstream and disappeared. When I got to Bridge 3 the unbanded male was feeding the chicks in the nest, who were quite vocal. He made 4 feeding forays in a short time. I did not see the female again.


i stopped after work today around 5 pm and saw the male calling from a rock beneath the bridge. Eric showed up after i had been there for 5 minutes or so. The male continued to stay beneath the bridge area calling but no feeding. Curious I peeked under the bridge and could still see the nestlings. The male continued to call and stay in the nest area even flying up a couple of times to the nest without food. We could see if he removed some fecal material. Finally he flew up stream and the female flew down and fed the chicks. Then the male returned with food and fed. We saw the female solicit the male with wingflutter and the male dipped alot but no copulation.
What the male was up to with all the calling beneath the nest area is an interesting puzzle.
Anyway the birds have not fledged yet or at least not any that we saw. We didn’t walk up or down the creek to see if there were any fledglings.And I did not want to approach the nest too closely for fear of force fledging.

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