Bridge 3 Notes 05.04.13

I watched for forty minutes (9:20 to 10:00) this morning. A single unbanded bird was still taking food to the nest, although not as frequently as yesterday. It took some time out for personal hygiene, preening for several minutes before going back to the task in hand.


Arrived at 3rd bridge at 3:20 and all was quiet. At 3:38 the banded female RSRG flew up from downstream and landed on the usual rock. No food. She stood, then preened, then finally after 20 min. began to sing. At 4PM the male flew in from upstream with food and landed on the rock briefly. She immediately began wing fluttering. He ignored her and flew up to the nest with the food, then down on the rock briefly where she was still stooping and wing fluttering, then off immediately upstream. He returned in one minute with more food. I was writing and didn’t see what happened but when I looked up they were each taking flight, one up & one downstream. The male came back in a minute from upstream with food, but the female did not return before I left 15 min later. Curious, he is not interested in copulating, only bent on feeding those chicks.


… on our way back from tennis in Lithia park, witnessed a copulation between the pair at the 3rd bridge!!!

This happened at about 5:40pm today. History is being made!


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