Watch Notes 04.24.13

7 AM Barbara,Eric Jeff, Kathy, Bob, John and Frank

Met at 3rd bridge to band adult female. John and Frank did the work, we mostly watched. Several feedings by the female, now solely responsible for the care of the chicks as Mr. Green has been gone for more almost two weeks. She went both ways to forage. The net was set up downstream and was ready in ½ hour. She bounced off it twice heading downstream but got by. Got caught on return and color-banded. Band # 123293059, RSRG. When released she flew downstream and stayed a bit. Back a little after 8, stood on a rock in midstream . Flew up stream and foraged, then fed chicks at 8:17. Flew downstream.
At 1st bridge the adults were not in attendance for ½ hour, then were spotted downstream by the water tank. The net was set up at the water tank and a bird bounced out of it before flying over and on downstream.  The bird we caught soon thereafter was flying downstream from the nest and it was the female – # 123293060, RSRO. Then we tried for the male but he flew downstream and over the net, which was by this time partly in the sun and visible to us, so undoubtedly to him as well. End of session.
Summary: two females color-banded, at bridges 1 & 3. Barbara

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