Watch Notes 04.19.13

Eric, Bob, Jeff, Gwyneth, Goly and I met at Bluebird Park at 8:30. Within 15 min saw both pair members feed young in the nest. Before taking food up to the nest they landed under the bridge where it is very dark and visibility is poor, especially on a gray day. No way to check this nest but with two parents steadily feeding there are probably several chicks.

At 3rd Bridge Mr. Green not seen. This echoes the experience Goly and I had on Wed. when we watched for 15 min and saw no action at all. But today the unbanded female was very busy foraging and bringing food to the nest. Eric checked it out and got a photo of 2 fuzzy chicks. The photo shows the chicks looking fuzzy with big yellow gapes and too young to band. We wont try til the end of the week.Eric has a photograph of Mr. Green from Sunday 04.14.

At 1st bridge both parents were foraging for food and taking it to the nest. Eric couldn’t get a photo as the nest is not quite accessible. But he could feel one chick and possibly two.


Today I went back to Bridge 3 about 1100AM and stayed for about 25 minutes. No sign of Mr. Green. The female did feed the chicks several times in the first 10 minutes then flew downstream. I walk down to bridge 7 and back but did not see any dippers. Eric

Bridge 3 chicks

Bridge 3 chicks

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