Watch Notes 04.03.13

I checked the nest under the Main St. bridge. The male was just outside the bridge standing vigil before flushing as I approached. The female was sitting on the nest and flushed down to a rock where I saw the male fly in and feed her. I could not see into the nest for an egg count though I had a torch. The nest is close to the culvert entrance, so visible from the creek below. No doubt that she is incubating.

I proceeded to Bridge #3 nest and the female was sitting in the nest but not the nest inside the box but the nest on top of the box where last year’s 2nd brood nested. The nest inside the box was empty and no nest cup had been built. I did not see Mr. Green.

At Bridge #1 nest the female was sitting in the nest .

Incubation is 14-17 days. Don’t know if anyone wants to hazard a guess at when they started but I suspect Main St. birds will be sooner than the other two.


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