Watch Notes 03.29.13

Eric and Jeff met at Bluebird Park at 8:30 and watched the male (Mr. Main Street) as he sang and/or preened in the vicinity of the nest site. He was seen to fly up to the nest on one occasion although he didn’t appear to be carrying any food. He was last seen flying upcreek.

Only one bird was seen near bridge #1. We presumed it was the male (also presuming the female is on the nest). He was seen resting and singing and foraging both above and below the bridge, but did not carry any food to the nest. He was still in the area when we left.

Mr. Green was on one of his favorite rocks at bridge #3. As with the other two nest sites, we presumed that the female was on the nest. Mr. Green’s singing was noticeably louder than that of the bridge at bridge #1. Shortly before we left bridge #3, Mr. Green flew a short distance down creek and began foraging. Later when we were at bridge #7, we heard a bird call and saw it fly under bridge #7. It was Mr. Green !! He had come that far down creek to forage.


Bridge #1 male?

Bridge #1 male?

Bridge #1 bird singing

Bridge #1 bird singing


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