Watch Notes 03.22.13

Eric, Frank, Gwyneth, Jeff and Kathy met at Bluebird Park at 8:30. We observed both the banded male (Mr. Main Street) and his unbanded partner for several minutes. The male was seen singing. Neither bird was seen bringing any significant nest material to the nest site, so the nest may be fully constructed. No sign of the unbanded “stranger” that interacted with the Main Street pair a week previously.

The pair that have constructed a nest under Bridge #1 were seen flying upcreek from between Bridges 1 and 2 while we were on Bridge #1. One of the birds brought a small piece of potential nest material to a rock directly under the bridge, but it was not seen taking the material to the nest. Both birds were observed foraging for several minutes below Bridge #1.

When we arrived at Bridge #3, the male was singing loudly and continually. After several minutes, the female flew into the immediate area. Both birds were seen going to the nest box under the bridge although not with significant nesting material.

There were no further sightings.


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