Watch Notes 03.20.13

First day of Spring.

This afternoon I went to Hersey St. and checked the creek area under the bridge and next to the fellowship property. No birds seen.

I then drove up to Bridge #3 and checked no birds around. I walked down the creek and still no birds. I returned to my truck and headed up to the reservoir.

After walking down to beneath the dam/spillway I soon saw a bird on a rock that promptly flew downstream. It then returned and another bird flew up as well. The first bird took off and flew over the dam upstream. The second bird was gathering pine needles and then disappeared downstream. Must check Bridge #1 nest box was my first thought. I saw Kim C. on a walk and she informed me she had been seeing the birds gathering nest material and flying downstream. I checked under the bridge and found the nest box with the moss dome.


gathering nest material Bridge #1

On the way out I again stopped at  Bridge #3 but no birds,so continued onto Main St. There I saw the banded male sitting on a rock beneath the nest culvert. I watched for 20 minutes and he  called once . The rest of the time he stood quietly on one leg and spent a few minutes preening. I never saw the other bird. It was possible that she was in the nest. frank

Bridge #1 nest box

Bridge #1 nest box

Main St. male

Main St. male

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