Watch Notes 03.08.13

Eric, Frank and Jeff met at Bluebird Park at 8:30 today. Jeff had observed the Main Street pair carrying nesting material to the nest side when he arrived at 8:20, and the two birds were still actively working on the nest when we left the area at about 8:45. Most of the pair’s time away from the nest side was upcreek.

Although there was plenty of “whitewash” on rocks in the creek above the upper pond, we again had no sightings of Dippers in that area. Frank and Eric did hear one bird on the creek just above the upper pond, but it was not seen.

No birds were seen at the pond, but we did find two birds (probably the unbanded pair seen on the dam last week) feeding very close together in the creek between Bridges #1 and #2. They were still there when we made our way down creek. It is very unlikely that the bird heard above the pond was one of these two, as we almost certainly would have seen it flying downcreek.

At Bridge #3, the unbanded female was seen foraging in the creek a short distance above the bridge. When Frank got into position to observe the nest under the bridge, the male (Mr. Green) flew out from under the bridge and joined the female. Mr. Green returned to the nest area shortly after with nesting material (moss).

There were no further sightings until we returned to Main Street. Mr. Main Street was seen on a rock in the creek above Main Street. He was pretty much motionless while we observed him for a few minutes, and it was felt that he may have been aware of an accipiter in one of the trees along the creekbank.

Jeff checked out the area of the recently-installed nest box under Hersey Street, but there were no dippers seen. There was some fairly fresh-looking “whitewash” on rocks in the creek just below Hersey. Jeff

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