Watch Notes 03.01.13

Eric, Frank, Kathy and Jeff met at Bluebird Park at 8:30 am.

Mr. Main Street and his mate continue to work on construction of the nests under Main Street. Both birds were observed during a 15-20 minute period carrying nesting material to the “pipe” opening. The male appeared to be doing most of the “heavy lifting.” The female was observed picking through plant material in the creek below the nest site, and she eventually carried a pine needle to the nest. The male was seen flying down creek at the conclusion of our time there, and he was then observed foraging briefly below the bridge that leads to the salon.

We went to the upper parking area and saw some whitewash on the rocks above the upper pond. One of the unbanded pair was singing just above the spillway when we got to the upper pond, and then the second bird appeared in the same area. One of the two birds was seen on the spillway “divider”, and it seemed to be picking through the moss (for nesting material?).

It appeared that very little (or none) of the nest from the spillway last year remains. And if the pair attempt to build in the same spot this year, they may be distracted by the cable which is hanging down the side of the spillway very close to where the nest was.

One bird (not possible to see if it was banded) was seen flying upcreek between bridge #2 and the spillway. It might have been one of the pair (we had lost sight of one of the birds), or it might have been an interloper (such as the one seen flying upcreek in the same area last week).

No other birds were seen until we got to bridge #7. An unbanded bird (probably the female that appears to be accompanying Mr. Green) flew in from downcreek and foraged in the slack water and then under the bridge. She was still foraging when we left. Mr. Green was then seen singing and foraging below the lower bridge that parallels the creek. Neither of these birds appeared to be engaged in any activity that hinted at nest construction.

We’ll meet again Friday, March 8 at Bluebird Park at 8:30.  Jeff

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