Watch Notes 02.22.13

2/22 Frank, Eric, Kathy, Tim, Jeff and Barbara
Met at 8:30 at Bluebird Park and SRWW was collecting moss and taking it up to the same drain pipe where he nested last year. His mate arrived with moss and she is unbanded, as was the case last year. It is very early for active nest-building; in 2012 the first obseervation of nest material being carried was March 12. Both sang intermittently.
Drove to Reservoir and walked down. No birds seen until we found an unbanded pair foraging between bridges 1 & 2. Frank put numbers on bridges 1-4 last week and today marked the rest, 12 in all.  A 3rd bird flew up the creek towards them after we left.
Mr. Green WSGG was sighted foraging between bridges 3 & 4. He flew downstream calling. We then found him again below bridge 7 foraging, and then he flew farther downstream. An unbanded bird was found foraging below bridge 8, then it flew upstream towards Mr. Green and soon they both returned to where we had first seen the unbanded bird and began foraging close together. It was clear they were a pair. The only vocalization during this activity was a ‘chirp’ from the female as she flew upstream to find Mr. Green.
Seven Dippers were seen in total.
So there are 3 pairs established on territories and a nest is being built by the Main St. pair. It’s time for more frequent visits and I would suggest weekly if possible. Barbara

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