Watch Note 02.15.13 : Bridge Numbers and 4 dippers

Went to Ashland Hardware and bought a sheet of self-adhesive 2″ high numbers to adhere to the bridges. Very discreet. I placed numbers on Bridges 1 through 4. I will bring the sheet next week so I place the rest correctly and we are all on the same page.

As far as dippers:
There were 2  unbanded dippers in the stream above the swimming reservior. They were foraging together and one bird did spend sometime singing softly. There did appear to be a slight size difference between the birds. I would suspect a pair.
Just below Bridge 4 Mr. Green was singing and just below him another unbanded bird . They spent some time foraging close together. A new partner for dashing Mr. Green? Go to photo: dipper below bridge 4
 I checked Water St. and Bluebird park and saw the nest box underneath the Main St. Bridge but saw no dippers.
All the time I had. frank
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