DIPPER BANDING UPDATE. Here’s the link to the Dipper Committee’s website and the page with all leg bands described. The bird I saw today was Mr. Green who was the adult male of the pair that nested under Third Bridge in Lithia Park last season. mOne of three breeding pairs found on Ashland Creek last year this male and his mate fledged three young in the spring. Each was banded in turn. Thanks to guidance from the Dipper Committee’s committed members.

Some may think it’s Sunday, but to cognoscenti this is Dipperday again. Unlike Friday which is both predictable and celebrated, Dipperday is more random in its occurence and rarely noted on any physically evident calendar. Dipperday’s like any good earthquake, you don’t know when it’s going to happne, but when it does, you instantly feel it.

JAN27-DIPPER+BANDS (1280x960) (2)Note the bands on the legs of this bird, two pale bands on…

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