There are two meaningful divisions of time: Dipperday and Dipperlessday. Today, January 23, 2013, was Dipperday. Late today the dog took me for a walk. As we passed the Lithia Park children’s playground, there was a Dipper feeding in Ashland Creek. Herewith the pictures thereof (this Dipper has no leg bands):
DIPPER SWM (1280x960)

dppr bare (1280x960)

dppr clr (1280x960)

DPPR EATS (1280x960)

dppr in wtr (1280x960)

DPPR JUMPS (1280x960)

dppr looks up (1280x960)

DPPR PERCH (1280x960)

DPPR SIDE VU (1280x960)

P1440890 (1280x960)

P1440898 (1280x960)

P1440900 (1280x960)

P1440901 (1280x960)

P1440903 (1280x960)

P1440907 (1280x960)

P1440909 (1280x960)

P1440938 (1280x960)

P1440939 (1280x960)

P1440940 (1280x960)

P1440941 (1280x960)

P1440944 (1280x960)

All along Ashland Creek there are rocks in the stream marked with Dipperwhite,, the little splotches of Dipper poop that proclaim, “Dipper dropped here.”
Earlier today the dog had taken me for a first walk, and opposite 391 Granite Street we encountered a Dipper in Ashland Creek and this one was wearing a band. A white band on the right leg. There may have been a lower darker band on the same leg. I had poor vision, no binocs and no camera. Inexcusable.
Yesterday the dog took me for a walk at Newbry Park and there was lots of…

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