Watch Notes 12.14.12

9 am   Bob, Eric, Jeff and Frank met at Bluebird park and carpooled to the top of Lithia park. We walked above the swimming reservoir and on the trail upstream of the last parking lot. The temperature was 33F and the creek was much fuller than we had seen since last spring.

9:30am  An unbanded Dipper was seen foraging just above the roadway bridge above the reservoir. It flew downstream, with a stop to forage, to the swimming reservoir. It foraged and was beating its prey on a log on the roadside of the reservoir.
9:45am  A second unbanded Dipper was seen below Bridge #2 which is below the large concrete reservoir. This bird worked its way slowly downstream, stopping to forage.
10:45am  A third unbanded Dipper was seen adjacent to the Lithia park playground. This bird foraged slowly downstream.
11:00am  A Dipper was seen flying rapidly downstream in Bluebird park. No bands could be observed.
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