Watch Notes 10.19.12

10/19 Frank, Bob, Jeff and Barbara met at Bluebird Park at 8:30, carpooled up to the top of the road and walked downstream. An unbanded dipper was foraging along the east side of the reservoir under overhanging blackberry bushes and made a few rather soft rattle calls. When we looked up from the bridge below it was on the spillway and did a waterslide down the falls. This behavior we saw performed in July (see notes for the 7th) by the unbanded female who was feeding fledglings in the pool below. We had never seen it before and were amused and delighted. It seems likely that this is the same bird, as such behavior is so individualized it may serve as a color band. It will be most interesting if there is a pair nesting again on the dam buttress and if the female identifies herself in this way. The nesting area on the dam is now in disarray.

There was no fresh scat above the res but some from the 3rd bridge on down. The nests there are getting soggy but are still intact. We will leave them and see what the birds do with them.

Lots of fresh whitewash along Guanajuato Way but no birds.


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